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The Shiro Goshikku collection was strongly inspired by elements of Gothic fashion and the J-fashion styles Cult Party Kei, Lolita, and Visual Kei. The name literally translates to “White Gothic” in Japanese as it highlights the core of this collection. For this series I decided to pick and choose different elements that caught my interest and mix them together in a way that was new and unique. I choose to make each garment white inorder to make the accessories really pop on the garments. The garments each use a mix of materials and subtle prints to help define each layer.

Look 1: The Maiden

Using the layering process that is common in Cult Party Kei matched with a silhouette that is common in lolita fashion was the inspiration for this looks. The look is a simple white cotton chemise with a delicate floral lace chemise layered on top to add texture and the suggestion of a print. The harness accessory here can be configured in a dozen different ways and is show here in one of its simplest settings, a crossing X shape over the chest. Layering is common in Cult Party Kei but it is always with purpose.

Look 2: The Innocent

From the paisley printed lace peignoir to the peeking subtle holly printed bloomers this look is heavily inspired by Cult Party Kei. As one of the Harajuku fashion that is most open to interpretations you can find several different looks that fall into this style. The combination of a peignoir, mini cotton chemise, peeking bloomers, knee high socks, to the rocking horse shoes  encapsulate the silhouette of the style and use of layers perfectly. 

Look 3: Scarlet

This look brings the first hint of something sinister to the collection. A white cotton chemise with delicate ruffle details, creates a blank canvas with a splash of color. Scarlet drops, shimmer and sparkle in the light provide the illusion dripping “blood”. The morbid red accessories are a set that consists of a three strand pearl necklace, a body chain with matching dripping accents, and several bracelets made of red glass crystal beads, glass pearl beads, and silver tone “infinite heart” findings.

Look 4: The Bound Beauty

I have always been a fan of cage skirts, especially when they are visible in some way. This style always reminds me of Ero lolita, there is just something a little scandalous. The semi-transparent dress shows off the cage skirt without showing much else under the gown, which makes for such a wonderful suggestion of Ero. The Shibari harness is not a real bondage tie but instead a clever harness that laces up the back to give the look of bondage without being restraining. The bag on the other hand is an upcycled plush that has been modified with a pocket and zipper to hold things and is tied up tight in a Hishi bondage tie and a freeflow face bondage tie. The two ties join together in the back creating an easy to use handle.

Look 5: The Pagen 

A long simple chemise as an ode to the witches of the past creates the simple base of this look. Marking her is the sign of the devil, and an inverted star rendered out of a silver chain. It is unclear if the wearer is the sacrifice or the practitioner.

Look 6: My Bloody Bones

I call the dress in this look my “Lost Aria” JSK, it was originally released as a MTO in 2019 but I wanted to work it into a collection and I felt this was the perfect opportunity.  The dress was originally inspired by church choirs and the long flowing robes they wear. For this look I took that idea and combined it with a body chain from my “Lovely Bones” series. The dress combined with the “Bloody Bones” was to convey the image of a vengeful ghost who can not rest.

Look 7: The Rotten Soul

A delicate white brocade corset with flowing half sleeve organza blouse sit on top of a white skirt with lace cut out detail and embroidered repeating pattern. The mix of fabrics and prints help the eye travel. The delicate white details are broken up black accessories made of neoprene rubber and tulle. The ruff collar and harness highlight a sinister feeling that something isn’t quite right.

Look 8: The Ethereal Being

Lace wrapped in sheer mesh gives this look a weightless feeling. The white over dress sits like a cloud over a fitted lace dress with delicate floral details. The only bit of color comes from a black body chain that cuts into the light garments and weights them down into reality. 

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