KamiCon 2017 | Fashion Show ReCap

I could think of no better way to send off by series, King of the Forest”, then to highlight it in my first Fashion show report. Back in 2017 I was invited to take part in the Lolita Fashion Show at KamiCon. It was my first time at this event in Birmingham, Alabama. I was so excited to be there along side my friend and fellow indie designer Puvithel! The theme of the event was “Forest Fables” and I wanted to build a collection based around that theme. It was a stoke of luck to find this stunning deer print and it inspired me to call this series “King of the Forest”. There is nothing in my mind as regal and elegant as a deer and the theme was well suited to lolita fashion. The fashion show itself featured both Indie designers such as myself and individuals from the community showcasing their own style and take on the theme. Personally, I love it when the community gets involved with a convention fashion show. It is always nice to see both big Japanese brands and indie brands show their latest collection but also being able to see the community take part can be a huge inspiration for people who share and interest in J-fashion and for those who have yet to take part but are curious about joining.

For my offical collection there were 3 colorways and 4 cuts offered: Long sleeve sack OP, Hime JSK, Highwaist JSK, and a High waist skirt in Black, Burgandy, and Navy. In each piece the goal was to highlight the innate nobility which deer possess while creating a garment fit for a princess. I choose to include accents such as matching lace, abundant ruffles, chain details, and corseting just to add a touch of elegance. I designed matching accessories for each look that included an embroidered beret, deer antler flower crown, and a regal princess crown with vail. One of my favorite things to do is work in little details that bring the whole look together. I believe this collection was the first series I designed for an event to have a regular release. These items are long since sold out but I have a few oddment pieces, made from the last of this discontinued print, available in my shop now if you wish to have a piece of this history.

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