B-Grade Blind Bags


It’s a Mystery!
All Pins are B-Grade Quality.

Blind Bags means there is no way to know which pin you will receive until it arrives!
All Pins are pre-packaged so even we don't know specifically which pins will be sent.

What does it mean that they are B-grade?
Once a new shipment of pins arrive to our shop we check each one for quality control.
B-grade refers to pins that fall below our standard quality and minor flaws.
B-grade pins are not typically available for for retail but for a limited time we are offering them for a steeply discounted price.

Common flaws are air bubbles, over fill, incorrect fill, small chips, and fibers trapped in the white enamel.

Three order options
Single Pin $3 - Includes a single Mystery Pin
Pair of Pins $5 - Includes 2 individually wrapped Mystery Pins
5 Pack $20 - Includes 5 individually wrapped Mystery Pins

NOTE: We can not guarantee Pins will not repeat in design or color is ordering a Multi Pin Pack since they are all pre-packaged.

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Pin Pack

Single Pin, Pair of Pins, 5 Pack


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